ActiveMow disc mower


Product description
ActiveMow disc mower




Rear-mounted ActiveMow R 240 2.4m mower
Rear-mounted ActiveMow R 280 2.8m mower
Rear-mounted ActiveMow R 320 3.2m mower
Rear-mounted ActiveMow R 360 3.6m mower
  • Side-pull mowers with huge pivoting angle
  • Optimum ground pressure from responsive tension springs
  • Easy ground pressure adjustment on pins and without tools
  • Efficient driveshaft based driveline
  • Robust and fully welded cutterbar without inner shoe
  • Quick-change blades SafeCut INSIDE – individual disc protection
  • SmartCut – optimum orbital overlaps for stripeless cuts
  • Upright and mid-mount transport position for compact travel, a balanced weight distribution and clear view to the rear
  • Optional stands for upright storage and minimum space requirement

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