Krone Rear Mounted Disc Mower EasyCut R/R CV


Product description
Krone Rear Mounted Disc Mower EasyCut R/R CV




Rear-mounted EasyCut R 280 2.73m mower
Rear-mounted EasyCut R 280 CV 2.73m mower
Rear-mounted EasyCut R 320 3.16m mower
Rear-mounted EasyCut R 320 CV 3.165m mower
Rear-mounted EasyCut R 360 3.6m mower
CLICK IMAGE TO SEE MOVIEIMG 1538-140C EasyCut R 280, R 320, R 360 - Pulling light, compact and floating over undulations, the rear R series mowers work at widths of 2.73 m (9'), 3.16 m (10'4.5") and 3.60 m (11'10"), producing cleanest cuts in any type of terrain.
CLICK IMAGE TO SEE VIDEOEasyCut 1116 15404-328 DuoGrip – the most effective guidance system: High-quality forage is uncontaminated forage. Clean cuts are not only attributed to the cutterbar but also to the mower's suspension system. The KRONE DuoGrip system not only suspends the mower in its centre of gravity but also provides lateral guidance with the help of two extra rods. At the same time and most intriguingly, the system maintains a uniform ground pressure across the full width of the mower, which is the ingredient for even cuts, extremely light pulling and optimum side control.
Spreading the load: Two parallel rods absorb the lateral forces and guide the mower in direction of travel. At the same time, they absorb some of the load on the mower arm and the suspension system.

  • V-shaped steel tines work at steep angles for strong and perfect conditioning
  • Extra long and massive 640mm (2'1") rotor
  • Adjustable baffl e plates for intensive conditioning
  • Frictional and low maintenance driveline without belts
EasyCut 1087 15375-700 Powerful and intensive conditioning: Arranged in a helix, the steep and V-shaped steel tines condition the material across the full width whilst the massive 640mm (2'1") rotor guarantees a smooth crop fl ow, high intake capacity and best conditioning.

Firm grip on the crop: Made from hardened steel and mounted at a steep angle, the V-shape steel tines give intensive treatment and powerful action. The tines pivot to break back when they hit an object whereas their restricted forward angle increases the pivot pin's longevity.