KEENAN MechFiber380



3,300mm (126")


2,819mm (111")



Dairy Cows per load:





KEENAN MechFiber Machine Brochure

Product description

The MechFiber 380 is designed for the farm that wants to feed large numbers of animals in a short period of time. With a payload of 9,000kgs, the machine is capable of feeding up to 150 dairy cows or 350+ fattening cattle for 24 hours with a single load. The machine manoeuvres more like the smaller MechFiber 365, with some unique stand-alone product features.

As with all KEENAN Mixer wagons, the MechFiber 380 retains the paddle mixing system ensuring a consistent ration is produced each and every time.


Body Design

The body design has been optimised to carry the curve of the body around closer to the top of the knife, to reduce, or remove the effect of a pinch point created after the top knife. This has been designed to reduce the peak power requirement and reduce the stress on the machine in operation.

Oil Bath

The principle of the complete oil bath for the chain drive has been retained from the MechFiber 400, but simplified from both a build and maintenance point of view.

Drive line access

The access to the oil bath drive line has been improved by the use of a sealed bath, with two full depth fiberglass doors. These allow for both ease of access and excellent access to the complete drive line in open operation.

Body blades

The number of body blades, set up and location has been reviewed and optimised. All blade are located within the main body of the machine nominally between the 5 and 7 o’clock positions. This ensure that material is chopped efficiently without increasing power requirement.

We can customise our machines to your needs:

  • Height and Width
  • Heavy duty knives
  • Rear feed out
  • Elevator tray